QSP’s and IG’s

Highlighted classes will be formally evaluated. Be aware, however, that your class may have an impromptu evaluator at any time.

Here are the complete IG‘s (Instructional Guide) and QSP‘s (Qualification, Standard and Plan). Please ensure that these are all downloaded onto your personal computer, laptop, phone, tablet, etc. “My internet was down” is no excuse for being unprepared for a lecture.

Both the QSP and IG are useful in preparing lectures; the QSP is actually a much smaller document with jot notes instead of lengthy informational paragraphs. Be comfortable with both as most practice tests and evaluations are in the QSP, not the IG.

Level One:  

IG A-CR-CCP-801-PF-001 – IG Level 1

QSP  A-CR-CCP-801-PG-001 – QSP Level 1

Level Two:  

IG A-CR-CCP-802-PF-001 – IG Level 2

QSP A-CRC-CP-802-PG-001 – QSP Level 2

Level Three: 

IG A-CR-CCP-803-PF-001 – IG Level 3

QSP A-CR-CCP-803-PG-001 – QSP Level 3

Level Four:    

IG  A-CR-CCP-804-PF-001 – IG Level 4

QSP  A-CR-CCP-804-PG-001 – QSP Level 4

Level Five:  

IG  A-CR-CCP-805-PF-001 – IG Level 5

QSP A-CR-CCP-805-PG-001 – QSP Level 5


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