Uniforms are provided to cadets at no cost.
New this year, we will be providing t-shirts to all new recruits to be worn on Monday nights until their cadet uniform is issued. Normally, a uniform is issued once a new recruit has been showing up on a regular basis for approximately 3-4 weeks and as long as all paper work has been returned. Uniforms are to be returned once the cadet has aged out or has decided to leave the program.
If you are unsure as to where the badges for the uniform are to be placed please visit the following websites for more information and a visual display.

Badges have a national standard, so if they are not properly placed cadets will be advised and they will have to have them re-done.

Shoulder Flashes should be placed 2 cm below the shoulders seam.
Basic Course Badge is to be placed on the right sleeve centred immediately above the cuff of the uniform jacket.

Rank Badges are placed on each upper arm sleeve, halfway between the elbow and the top seam of the sleeve. These can be tricky and so cadets are advised to consult seniors on technique before tackling rank badges.

Camp Badges are placed directly above the cuff of the right arm. The oldest camp goes on the bottom in the center. The next goes beside it, to the right (towards the front of the tunic) and the third on the opposite side. The fourth, fifth and sixth camp badges follow the same order, placed directly above the former three.

Specialty Badges (such as fitness and range) are centered on the left arm directly above the cuff. No specific order is necessary.

Cadets are expected to sew these badges on their own uniforms, just as they are expected to shine their shoes, iron their pants, and tie their own ties every time they have to wear their military dress. The only way to learn is to practice, ask questions and look up to the standard.