The Band Stand

Band Logistical Information is communicated on regular Training nights and the Announcement Page.

Here you will find information to help improve your music playing. Fundamentals apply to everyone at every skill level,  and support finer sets of skills. Review this list regularly, as this list will grow over time.

Fundamental Principles to Follow

What follows are some fundamental principles all Cadets are to remember when part of a Band. For individual practice and for group practice. 

  1. Volume control. Each section of instruments compliments the other. Do not drown out one another. Learn to expand your personal volume-range (challenge yourself to play as softly as you can and as loud as you can on the same piece of music).
  2. Practice regularly. Technique + Practice + Talent = Improvement. We all have to put in the work to get the results.
  3. Technique. Take the time to get the right technique. Only then does practice become worthwhile.  Ask more experienced players and Band Staff regarding techniques.
  4. Listening Skills, Take the time to listen to a piece of music several times. Each time, focus on just one instrument and listen for when that musician is demonstrating any of these or other fundamental principles, such as volume control or other dynamics which bring emotion to a piece of music.
  5. Learn which note goes with which foot. Harmonize each step with a note. Remember, the left foot leads almost every bar in every marching piece (if in 4/4 or 2/4). Learn the tune well, and the whole band will be in step naturally without thinking of doing so – rather just by knowing your music and being in tune with it.

Opportunities in the Cadet Program to Improve your playing:

  1. Tri Service Band on Fridays.
  2. Summer Music Training.



-Band Officer

Updated : 3 April 2018