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The Cadets Canada Organisation is free-to-join and supported by the federal department of National Defence, the generosity of a sponsoring comity, and the fundraising efforts of unit staff and cadets. The uniform is issued without any cost to the cadet and those who attend summer training receive a monetary bonus each week to help them afford the necessities of living away from home.

Youth between the ages of 12 and 18, with Canadian citizenship, are eligible to become Air Cadets.

Our regular training takes place on Monday evenings in the Surgeon Lieutenant Commander W. Anthony Paddon Building on The Boulevard in St. John’s, NL. However, supplementary training takes place on Sundays, with occasional events on week nights, and annual survival training outings taking place over an entire weekend.

Of course not! The Cadets Canada Organization is a youth program that promotes independence, skills discipline, professional competencies, physical activity and community service. While some of our cadets eventually become interested in joining the Primary Reserve or Regular Forces, many also go on to pursue careers in civilian aviation, academics, engineering, etc. The program is organized with a rank structure which cultivates follower-leader relationships and rewards individual accomplishments. By ironing their pants and polishing their boots, cadets learn self-discipline. And my marching in community parades, cadets stay physically active and learn the value of a team working together in unison.

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Monday : 18:30-21:30 Hrs
Sunday : 1000-1400 Hrs (varies)

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