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At 514 Kinsmen squadron, aviation is a central part of our mandatory training. Cadets learn about flight theory, meteorology, and the structure and maintenance of aircraft and their engines. These classes introduce our cadets to a variety of different opportunities in aviation.

When the weather cooperates, the cadets of our squadron are given the opportunity to go familiarization (“famil”) flying in gliders and small engine-powered aircrafts. It is an amazing experience to spend some one-on-one time with skilled pilots and they take in the landscape from a high altitude. These familiarization flights can provide the motivation for the cadets to pursue a career in aviation, starting with the cadet program. Our brightest and hardest working may even go on to achieve their glider or private pilots license through National Defence funded scholarship programs.

Every summer, cadets are presented with the opportunity to attend summer training camps at specialised Cadet Training Centres. If they choose to pursue summer training in aviation, cadets have the opportunity to attend the Basic Aviation or Advanced Aviation courses and learn even more about what it will take to become a pilot. At summer camp cadets will make new friends, face many motivating challenges and come home with the sense of accomplishment that comes with taking a step further into their cadet careers.

There are many aviation-related careers in the world; and air cadets are given real, hands-on aviation training. It may just start with a tour through the PAL hangar, but many of our cadets have gone on to become commercial pilots, flight instructors, aircraft technicians, and much more!

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