Welcome Back 514!!

Sunday, September 15th, 2019; Battle of Britain Parade

Cadets are to meet at the CLB Armoury at 0945 hrs in full uniform with medals. 

New Cadets and parents are welcome to walk along side and watch the parade.

Parade will end near Aryes cove at 1300 hrs. 

Monday, September 16th, 2019; Summer Dress Uniform

Tonight will be a regular Monday night with classes. 

Health Questionnaires are due. Cadets will not be allowed to participate in optional training activities, like flying, without it handed in. 

Have a new friend joining us? 

Be sure they bring a parent to sign them up, all the parent needs is the new cadets MCP and Birth Certificate!

Upcoming Events!

September 15th, Battle of Britain Parade

September 27th, Biathlon Practice

September 29th, Mandatory Senior Cadet Workshop