Wednesday, April 18th, 2018: Drum Seminar, weekly occurrence. 

Capt. Scott Fitzgerald, Capt. Alger Boota, and the NL Pipe Band will be conducting drumming lessons on Wed evenings 1900-2000 (7:00-8:00 pm). This group class is intended to provide advanced instruction to drummers of all levels. This is a wonderful opportunity for our drummers to play better and learn some really cool stuff! Both Capt. Fitzgerald and Capt. Boota have performed/competed throughout North America, the UK and Europe, including the prestigious Edinburgh Military Tattoo, the NS International Tattoo, and numerous others venues. Capt. Fitzgerald won at the U.S Midwest Championships and Capt. Boota (prev. RCSU Atlantic) recently competed at the World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland; with the 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel).

Note: New professional sticks (KP2), drum pads (RAD), and instructional handbooks will be issued to drummers that attend.

Location: Surgeon Lieutenant Commander W. Anthony Paddon Building; please go to the Domestic Response Center. (across from classrooms). 

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018: Optional Training Day

1030hrs to 1230hrs  Band Practice

1230hrs to 1300hrs Lunch

1300hrs to 1600hrs Drill Team Practice, Drill Competition April 28th. 

1300hrs to 1500hrs Uniform Prep! Mandatory for Level 1s and 2s! Please bring uniform do not wear it, as well as boots and boot polish!! ACR is close yay!!

Monday, April 23rd, 2018: Civilian Clothing and Parade Boots ACR Practice


Please come to these Practices, it is Mandatory for all!! The ACR is a vidital part to our program and also gives you a chance to show your friends and family what you have been doing.

Come prepared for ACR Run through every Cadet day until ACR May 6th!

Static Displays were due April 9th.

Anyone who has borrowed a CAP Script or FTGU please bring it to Capt. Scott next Monday.

Sunday, May 6th, 2018: Annual Cadet Review

This information is for Parents and Guests, the cadets will be arriving different times and will be having a practice on Saturday as well. Lunch will be provided for them on Sunday. More info to follow. 

Start, Guests should be seated by 1330hrs with a start of 1400hrs.

There will be a display in the lunch room as well as some tea, coffee and cookies. We ask parents to bring a food item to share for this section.

There will also be a door prize for the guest who talks to all the cadets at their display! They have worked very hard and will also be getting a prize for the best display.

End,  when all items and rooms have been cleaned and back to normal the cadets may be dismissed by an officer. (Approx. end time 1600hrs)

Camping Trip, May 18th to 20th at St. Georges Camp in Salmonier Line. 

More important information will follow. This is the really fun Camping trip with very little instruction and a lot of fun fun fun! Level 3s have a very important evaluation on this trip to prepare them for Level 4 in the new cadet year!

A little sneak peek… there will be cake, games and tents!

I shared the link to the camp ground on our facebook page! Check it out!


More information for all fun activities to be posted soon!!!