Announcements 2019

Upcoming Events!
December 16th- Ham Pick up
December 20th- Holiday Dinner and Dance
January 6th- Back to Cadets

Monday, December 16; Full Uniform; Guest Speaker; Ham Pick up
We will be having an important guest speaker tonight. 
Ham Pick up is here!! YAY! 
Have a new friend joining us? 
Be sure they bring a parent to sign them up, all the parent needs is the new cadets MCP and Birth Certificate!

When: December 20th; 1900 hrs (7 pm)  to 2130 hrs (9:30 pm) 
Where: Regular Cadet Building 
What to Bring:
Level Ones- Sides
Level Twos- Sides
Level 3- Rolls 
Level 4- Drinks
Level 5 and above- Mains
Warrant Officers- Deserts
Cadets are also welcome to bring a guest. You can also bring other food on top of what you are assigned. 
Dress- Holiday Best!