Announcements 2019

Friday, November 15th; Senior Cadet Night at Camp St. George
Who: Level 4 and above
When: 1830 hrs
This is for Senior cadets to prepare for our Field Training Exercise. Below is the Operations Order and Permission Slip for the outing. If you cannot make it Friday Night Please let Capt. Fitzgerald know.

514-Fall-FTX-2019 OPO

Fall FTX Permisson Slip SR

Saturday to Sunday, November 16th to 17th; Fall Field Training Exercise
Who: Level 1 and above
When: 0800 hrs
Pick up: Sunday, November 17th 1400 hrs
This is mandatory training for the whole unit. Please read through the permission to know what to bring. All food and Sleeping bags will be provided to the cadets. They are allowed to bring snacks but please keep them peanut free!
Any questions call or email Capt. Fitzgerald.

Permission Slip Spring 2019 JR

Monday, November 18th, No uniform for all cadets
Level Ones and Fours and Newly joined cadets have mandatory training in our Positive Relations Youth program. You will not be required to wear Uniforms.
Level Twos, Threes and Fives above will be required to be in uniform for training. 
Quilt Tickets and Money are due now until November 18th. If they come without on the 18th parents will be asked to come back.     
Have a new friend joining us? 
Be sure they bring a parent to sign them up, all the parent needs is the new cadets MCP and Birth Certificate!
Ham Fundraiser Form: ORGANIZATION Customer Sheet – Christmas
Our goal is to sell 400 hams this year we were very close last year!
Orders Due December 2nd 

Every Thursday until Christmas… 
What: Ground School
Who: Cadets who will be 16 before September 2020
Location: HMCS Cabot
Date: Thursday 26th
(and every Thursday after to December 12)
Time: 7-9 pm
( class starts at 7 sharp.)
Dress: civilian
Equipment: pen/pencil and paper
Age Min: Must be at least 16 yrs by Sept 1 2020
(Therefore currently 15 or older)

Upcoming Events!
November 11th, Remembrance Parade in Petty Harbor
November 15th to 17th, Fall Field Training Exercise
November 16th or 17th, Biathlon Competition