Wednesday, 5 Dec 2018: No Drummers Meeting this week. Canceled. 

Thursday, 13 Dec 2018: Ground School

1900-2100hrs (7:00-9:00pm)

Offered at HMCS Cabot. Classroom is on the second floor. Check out the NEW FLYING TRAINING PAGE

Friday, 14 Dec 2018 Tri-Service Band

1630-1830 hrs (4:30-6:30pm)

Arrive at HMCS Cabot on Southside Road. For more details contact the Music Director Capt. Mollon at or follow  the NL Tri-Service Band on Facebook

Friday, 14 Dec 2018 Christmas Dinner Dance and WAKE A THON!!!

This year we have decided to have our Annual Christmas Wake A Thon!! This even requires you to stay awake from 1900hrs (7pm) to 0700hrs (7am). We help you accomplish this by having LOTS of fun activities and snacks throughout the night. 

Guests are invited to the Dance part only starting at 8pm. Unless you gave money to Capt. Fitzgerald to bring a guest to the dinner part. 

Senior cadets have asked for you to dress your festive appropriate finest and also to bring some other items: 

Change of gym clothing and sneakers and a sweater

Water Bottle

Snacks (Peanut Free)

Board Games

and small change to buy your senior cadet for an hour!!! (Yes you can dress them up and make them do push ups at 4am!!) 

Wake a thons are the best time of year and usually used as a fundraiser. This year we have made it free due to the amount of hams sold and closeness of fundraising activities. 

Any questions contact WO2 Kiera Hammond. 

Monday, 17 Dec 2018, HAMS ARE IN!! Sports Night/ Range Night


1830hrs (6:30pm) to 2100hrs (9pm) Note that we are ending early for the holidays. 

This night is the night to get your hams and say good bye to your friends until after the holidays! We are ending the night early to allow officers to tie up loose ends until the New Year! 

Upcoming classes are posted on the Training Page: Training

Upcoming Events:

Wake a thon and Christmas Party, 14 December 2018

Ham Order Pick- Up: 17 December 2018

Flying Scholarship Exam, 12 Jan 2018 (NEW: Flying Training Page)